Calico Jack Editorial: Paul & Shark

A family-owned knitwear mill in Varese is now home to one of the most widely known fashion brands in the world. In 1975 son of the family Paolo Dini stumbled upon a sail in a sailmaker’s workshop. Stemming from an 18th-century clipper, its name read Paul&Shark. The ball started rolling from there and has never stopped since.

Paul Shark 1

Paul & Shark's aim has always been to seek excellence both in the quality of its products and the manufacture of its materials, guaranteeing a rigorous selection process based on high standards. Paul & Shark creates sportswear, smart casual and luxury lines, combining technical fabrics with elegant and stylish details. Paul & Shark is widely associated with an older target audience, but we respectfully disagree with that association. Timeless, elegant designs are for everyone who identify themselves with the same core values as the store which sells and the brand which makes the clothing.

Paul Shark 2

Definitely drop by in-store on Sunday, the 8th of September. Together with the guys of Paul & Shark we’re organizing an event to properly introduce the brand to everyone. You can expect a brand presentation, food & drinks, good tunes. Petrol heads definitely need to stop by, as Paul & Shark & Louwman Exclusive are parking a Morgan and McLaren in front of our door. You might even be able to hop in the co-drivers seat and enjoy the weather at speeds definitely in compliance with the speed limits. You’re invited!

Paul & Shark by Calico Jack
Date: September 8, 2019
Opening hours: 13.00 — 18.00