Calico Jack Editorial: GOLF le COSTE

Lacoste and Tyler, the Creator have teamed up, and how. Probably one of the most hyped Lacoste collections ’til date, Tyler has sprinkled his always playful Golf Le Fleur sauce over pinnacle Lacoste items. Even the Lacoste Crocodile logo gets the full Tyler treatment and is differently Golf Le Fleur’d out on each silhouette.

The pastel colours pop like hell on shorts, polo’s, tee’s and bucket hats. And we haven’t even got to the statement pieces. A green and creme bomber jacket with loud Golf le Fleur and Lacoste lettering. Looking like you walked out of a US high school movie. On the other hand, feel like Hugh Hefner with the furry pink cardigan. Whatever your flavour, be on your toes, these will sell out fast.

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The GOLF le COSTE collection will release July 17th, 12:00h in-store and remaining items at 13:00h online.