Calico Jack Editorial: Adidas YEEZY BOOST 700 v2 'VANTA'

The adidas YEEZY Boost 700 v2 ‘Vanta’ is releasing this Friday, if you haven’t signed up for the raffle yet, here’s your chance to do so. Necessary information aside, we wanted to do a cool editorial with these shoes, so we’ll take you on a tour through our creative process for this adidas YEEZY editorial

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Anish Kapoor Vantablack

Basically, the first thing that came to mind when discussing what to do with the YEEZY Boost 700 v2 ‘Vanta’ was the ‘Vanta’ part. The Vanta was inspired by something called ‘Vantablack’: the darkest black that exists (it absorbs 99.96% of the light, this makes it sound cooler). Vantablack was originally developed in England for aerospace, optics and engineering purposes. Somehow, an artist, Anish Kapoor, got ahold of the exclusive rights to use the material.

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Mirror Skies Anish Kapoot

He might be frowned upon in the art world because of this exclusivity, but his artwork remains very interesting nonetheless. We slowly but surely got drawn to his ‘Sky Mirror’ project. This became the main inspiration for this editorial. We found a big heavy, black-framed mirror in an attic, heaved it along the Venlo streets and started to experiment with camera and mirror.

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