Calico Jack | "Calico Digs" - Sjeng's love for Soul & Funk

"Calico Digs" - Sjeng's love for Soul & Funk

The team at Calico Jack has a wide variety of interests, ranging from fashion, design, music to arts, movies and a whole bunch of other stuff. We thought it would be fun to give our community an inside look in the things that inspire the members of our team.

To kick off this new segment we asked our in-house creative Sjeng to take us through his favourite classics and bangers.

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Sjeng’s taste in clothing is just as classic as the music he listens too, this is shown by the selection of items he made from our current collection.

Have a closer look at the items Sjeng's wearing here.

Sjeng was brought up with a wide variety of music, when asked about his influences he is transported to the past, reminiscing about the music played by his mother and his older brother and whatever he picked up going out as a young 15 y/o lad.

"It started with my mom playing a wide variety of music back in the days, ranging from the Gypsy Kings to Tina Turner and Eros Ramazzotti, she didn’t care about genres AT ALL.
Add my brothers love for Hip-Hop to that and what you get is a heavily confused youngster who listens to everything."

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"I remember going out as a kid when I was around 15 years old and seeing this crowd of older people in front of a local bar called Motown Music Cafe.

I tried sneaking in many times but more often then not they unfortunately wouldn’t let me in. After various attempts I eventually made my way in and I remember being awestruck by the music that was being played by the Dj’s. From that moment on, I was hooked and immediately started on my journey. Every time I heard a song that made me feel a type of way I instantly tried to collect it and tried to make playlists revolving around the songs that I loved."

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Naturally when asking someone about their love for music, we have to know what songs they deem essential listening. We asked Sjeng to make a list of his top 10 songs which will be listed below.

1- The Delfonics - La-La Means I Love you

2- Little Beaver - Concrete Jungle

3- Fatback Band - Feed Me Your Love

4- Ben E. King - Spoiled

5- Jean Carn - Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

6- Marvin Gaye - “T” Plays It Cool

7- Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul

8- Prince - Money Don’t Matter 2 Night

9- Sly & The Family Stone - Loose Booty

10- 94 East - If You See Me

Or listen on Spotify

When asked about the song that holds the top spot in his list he said the following :

"The song La-La Means by the Delfonics brings me a lot of joy. It’s a really good track by itself but when I heard how Ghostface Killah sampled it for his track “Holla” it gave me another appreciation of the original."

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As we all know, the way we experience music has been a bit different than usual this past year. We don’t get to enjoy songs while going out like we used to. We asked Sjeng about what song really takes him back to the pre-covid days.

"Looking back at our pre-covid days, I miss being in a bar or club and records like Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul being played. Doing my silly little dance and enjoying the vibe with the homies! :("

A love for soul and funk is at the forefront of Sjeng’s love for music, influenced by various elements like his mother’s eclectic taste in music, His brother’s love for hiphop and the songs that he picked up while going out as a kid.

Thanks for reading this first edition of Calico Digs, spearheaded by our in-house Creative Sjeng. For our next issue we will be asking Erik about his love for movies and television.

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