Calico Jack | "Calico Digs" - Erik's watchlist

"Calico Digs" - Erik's watchlist

The team at Calico Jack has a wide variety of interests, ranging from fashion, design, music to arts, movies and a whole bunch of other stuff. We thought it would be fun to give our community an inside look in the things that inspire the members of our team.

For the second installment of this segment we asked co-owner Erik to take us through his favourite series to watch.

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Alice in Borderland

Three friends having a tough day in the middle of Tokyo ends up with them being thrown in a world without people, or are they? Things turn real freaky, real soon: forcing to compete in games to survive, mysterious red laser beams from the sky, who controls everything? How do they get back? It's preposterously absurd, but that's what makes it fun right? And best thing of all... they're already working on season 2!

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The antics of hedge fund king Bobby 'Axe' Axelrod and mortal enemy U.S. Attorney Chuck Roades are already going into it's 6th season. The two are brilliantly played Damian Lewis (who you know from Band of Brothers) and Paul Giamatti. In the 5 seasons we've seen the two getting after each other, tiptoeing the thin line between illegal and hella illegal. Whether it's running a hugely cut-throat, profitable hedge fund, or trying to be a U.S. Attorney while hunting down one of the richest men in New York and being squeaky clean for that next election, Bobby and Chuck have kept me around since they started in 2016.

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Evil Genius

A man walks into a bank with a bomb around his neck and robs it. The town is called 'Erie'. It's a true story. Yes, it's a true story. I'm not saying anything else.

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Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia

The documentary looks at the golden age of the Mafia in New York: the '70s. How did it flourish? How did it meet its demise? Most movies and documentaries look from the mob's perspective. This one however looks from the side of law enforcement: from starting out being helpless, to ultimately bringing it down. It's an intricate story of an operation of a massive scale: on the one hand getting a bug in the right car at the right time, to dissecting billions of dollars of 'sticky' construction business money.

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One of the more mindblowing documentaries I have ever seen. Coincidentally focused on cycling, the maker, Bryan Fogel, tries to find out what kind of effect doping has on your performance. He looks for help to set up a doping plan to compete in an amateur cycling race. This one is best viewed without trying to find out more on the story beforehand, trust me.

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The Ripper

In the late '70s, the Yorkshire area was not a safe place for women. There was a predator on the loose, seemingly unstoppable. The victims kept piling up, the police kept shooting blanks. The police's search was extensive, but incompetent. In a time where there still was significant bias against women, the media's role was not very elegant. My mother used to live in the area during that time, so hearing her experiences was particularly interesting. You'll 'rip' through these episodes in no time!

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Top Boy

There was no missing this one. I regard the makings of Sully and Dushane one of the top television products of the past decade. There are several movies and series which focus on telling the life of yougin's in British estates, but it is widely regarded that Top Boy is the one which portrays it the best. How do you become the 'top boy' of a housing estate in the UK? The 3 seasons of Top Boy will tell you. Definitely a future cult TV show in my book.

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Thanks for reading second edition of Calico Digs, spearheaded by co-owner Erik. For our next issue we will be asking Rolph about one of his personal interests.

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