Calico Jack | BMW X5 xDrive45e review by Erik

BMW X5 xDrive45e review by Erik

"What I've found fascinating over the years is how a car brand's design language changes over time, but look hard and you can unmistakably recognize a brand's heritage."

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In the 70's and 80's we had boxy cars, towards the 90's and 00's cars became smoother, rounder and nowadays it's all about the angles. Sculpted bodies, on the one hand to maximize safety and cutting through the air, on the other hand to recreate those boxy, or round lines from back in the day. The BMW X5 xDrive45e is no different: take one from 1999 or 2021, you know damn well it's BMW's bigger sibling (not the biggest anymore). BMW De Maassche Venlo loaned us the plug-in hybrid version, a combination of 6-cylinder engine and and electronic one. Press the gas pedal and the X5 wafts away, press the gas pedal a bit deeper and the 6-cylinder snarls into action. I've driven a few new, modern cars over the past few years and what's stuck in my mind is the effortlessness.

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Cars nowadays do practically everything without hesitation, it's all instant. I'm reminded by this again in the X5. Turn the wheel softly and it feels like you're moving a cloud, but turn the wheel harder while driving faster and you get the necessary feedback so you feel everything you need to feel to keep that car facing the exact direction you want it to face. That driving style BMW has become so synonymous for.

The interior is a combination of tech and luxuriousness. The use of the premium materials we use nowadays, the soft touch feel of the instruments, you know you're in a car made with attention to detail and status in mind. Being king of the road might not be all important, but it's damn well nice to drive around like that.

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I sadly didn't get to spend a week in the X5, or drive 500 kilometers around mountain roads, but my time in the X5 reminds me of how far and how easy technology makes our life each day. The lengths companies go to think about keeping the earth alive, but also take into the account the reputation they've built and what they are famous for: why the consumer buys a BMW time and time again. The complexity of everything that X5 tries to do, and does it really well astounds me.

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Hats off to the BMW De Maassche Venlo for letting me drive the X5 xDrive45e for a bit, I remain really interested in whatever comes out of their hats.

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