Calico Jack | Before Adam & Eve there was fruit

Before Adam & Eve there was fruit

Bram's Fruit

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Bram's Fruit is one of the new brands in our WEST store and we couldn't be happier about it! Fantasies from summer break adventures turned into sophisticated and mature collections designed by Bram Korsten. Bram’s Fruit is the reinvention of classic and timeless.

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“There she is. Again. It’s indescribable. Incredibly beautiful, and with a speed you wouldn’t expect from such a beautiful, large and burning hot object. It’s disappearing behind the horizon. I could try to describe the beautiful colors, but words won’t do justice to the colours and sensations of this moment. You suddenly just feel our planet. Your feet and toes on the solid earth. The immense and endless skies above and around you. Becoming completely aware of you and our planet. Knowing it will keep turning and turning. Every day. By itself. Among the stars, planets and Milkyway. Forever and always. That realization. Witnessing such a phenomenon. Feeling alive with all your senses. You become aware of the space of your own nothingness and at the same time you realize you are the center of it.”

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