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Armor Lux and Calico Jack honour Brittany with a co-branded marinière sweater

We joined forces with the French maritime clothing powerhouse Armor-Lux to bring the iconic ‘marinière' sweater to the Dutch shores.

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The collaboration sees the brands releasing a limited-edition reproduction of one of France's most recognisable garments: the marinière, tricot rayé or Breton shirt in a reversed navy and white colour scheme. Through the years the marinière has been adopted by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Brigitte Bardot, Marcel Marceau and even inspired Jean Paul Gaultier in his 1983' Toy Boy collection. Founded in 1938, Armor-Lux has been one of the main producers of the marinière since the 1980s.

To honour the iconic brand and celebrate the collaboration, Calico Jack and the Dutch Armor-Lux agent PDR2 travelled to Quimper, France. Documenting the scenery, production process and talking to Armor-Lux themselves, we see what inspires the brand and why it commits to producing high-quality knitwear in its factories in Bretagne.

Our Armor Lux X Calico Jack Fisherman Marinière Sweater releases Thursday, 9th of December.

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