adidas Spezial Fall/Winter '19 Lookbook

Adidas Spezial is an important brand in our collection as there is a great resemblance to our identity

The new Adidas Spezial Fall/Winter ’19 collection is here! Inspired by cold winter days on the terraces of British football stadiums and Northern England. Their collections are full of earth-like coloured outerwear.

This season’s footwear offerings are what you’re used to from Spezial. Classic, comfortable, stand out Spezial shoes. Special recognition deserves the Blackburn. Just like the ‘City Series’, the Blackburn dons the city’s colours and even includes the Lancashire rose. Blackburn being the town Gary Aspden grew up in, this is an instant classic.

Even cooler is the fact Gene Gallagher, son of Liam Gallagher, is modeling for this season’s collection. As you all already know Liam holds a special place in our hearts, music-wise, style-wise and culture-wise.

We are psyched to offer you the new collection, releasing this Friday, October 11th.

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