Adidas LXCON, 1994 — 2019

Lexicon 1994

Adidas keeps proving itself to be one of the most innovative brands out there. Creating new silhouettes, going viral with their collaborations but also reinventing their past designs and even reinventing the way they produce shoes. (They won the 2018 German Innovation award for their “speed factories”)

This mindset is what created the Adidas LXCON.

Divider Lexicon 2019

A product of the past, reinvented and put into a new silhouette. The original model was created in 1994 and was called the Adidas Lexicon. It was one of the most advanced runners of it’s time with it’s trademark cables that connected the Forefoot and midfoot to the heel in order to maintain structural integrity.


The adidas LXCON is set to release on Saturday January 26th.