Adidas 'City Series' Bern

Meet Victor, close friend of Calico Jack, interior designer and poster boy of our passion for football and the culture surrounding it. Victor is a die-hard three stripes enthusiast who set his sights on collecting as much City Series as he can get his hands on. This week Victor will be picking up the ‘Bern’, of course.


Q: Victor could you tell us what started your love for Adidas? Also, what makes the Adidas City Series stand out to you?

"On the stands! I’ve been a VVV-Venlo supporter all my life. Being in and around the stands for so long, the outfits worn there have definitely rubbed off on me. Wearing adidas’ is just part of the deal. There’s something missing if you’re not wearing adidas’ if you ask me. "


Q: What would be your top three out of all City Series?

"Top three for me would be:

1. London - 2. Brussels - 3. Bern

All of the colour combinations are rock solid. Easy answer!"


Q: How do you recognize other Adidas enthusiasts in public? When do you know someone is the real deal when it comes to collecting Adidas? Like, what would that person wear?

"That’s a difficult one. Where as with other clothing styles you can easily see if people are enthusiasts, the ‘football-stand-adidas’ vibe is more difficult. Spotting a pair of adidas’ is easy, judging if they’ve got a 200-pair collection at home or picked these up at their local store and beat them is another thing. With us, keeping them in immaculate condition is not always the most important thing. So spotting a beat pair of adidas Jeans could either mean his or her house is full of blue adidas shoeboxes, or it’s their only pair of sneakers."


What would the Venlo look like in your opinion?

"If only this could become reality. Not the first time I’ve thought about that! The upper should be dark dark navy suede with red leather adidas’ stripes and corresponding red leather heel tab. And cherry on the cake, the lion from Venlo’s insignia in gold foil."

Adidas Venlo Victor