Calico Jack | A conversation with Nocroni

A conversation with Nocroni

With their creative platform Nocroni, Bob and Teun just make stuff they like. They have developed a high-quality sustainable streetwear collection, a premium handcrafted vodka and a global art project. Their only limit is the boundary of their imagination, if they like it, they like it! Rolph sat down with the Nocroni boys to talk about their platform.

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Teun! Bob! Welcome at Calico Jack, it’s nice to meet you guys. First of all, can you tell us something about yourselves?

Teun: "I am Teun"
Bob: "I am Bob"

Teun: "We are just two guys who happen to have quite some overlapping interests in life. ‘Living the good life’, to put it in short."

Bob: "We have found each other in our love for music, traveling, clothing, contemporary art, copious meals and shifting the night on every possible occasion."
Teun: "With Nocroni we have created a platform for ourselves to share this love with others."

Bob: "In daily life I work in the music industry, finding perfect fits between artists and festivals, club nights or music venues."
Teun: "I am creative director at a consulting agency, helping companies to innovate by getting more design driven."

Bob: "Nobody know what Teun really does at work."
Teun: "Maybe you could start read the book I wrote about it."

Bob: "And maybe you have to stop eating that much candy so you don’t have to visit the dentist so often."
Teun: "What else can we tell about ourselves?"

Bob: "We started running on Saturday morning 06.30 because of Covid."
Teun: "I still cannot believe that one."

Bob: "Is it not yet possible to eat Eggs Benedict in Venlo?"
Teun: "Still cannot believe that one too."

Bob: "Things are fucked up."
Teun: "Anyway, next question!?"

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Nocroni is Teun and Bob! Please explain. What’s the deal and where did it all started?

Bob: "We where probably drinking vodka, finding answers to big questions in life. Obviously the conversation eventually focused on how to use our genius minds for the sake of making the world a better place. A great night ending with severe headache and the idea to bring to market our own vodka."

Teun: "Normally such ideas remain just ideas, but we noticed a mutual drive to really execute this one. Two weeks later the brand Nocroni was born. A creatieve platform we use to just make stuff we like. If we like it, we like it!"

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The Art projects is so cool, our team is fan. One of our staff members, made one of the six artworks. Can you explain the why?

Teun: "You know what the thing is with the stories behind art? If they were easy to tell, artists did not have to turn them into works of art."

Bob: "For us art is just too important to ask for the why. You know?"

Teun: "Furthermore we really felt the urge to make new connections within the art world, providing artists with new audiences and audiences with the opportunity to buy affordable art."

Bob: "For us this is exactly what Nocroni is all about."

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