Calico Jack | 3 reasons why

3 reasons why

You should be a James Blake fanboy/girl.

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Written by Minggus Dorpmans, 1/3 of Calico Jack Soundsystem.

1. The beauty of silence

James’ trademark way of playing with the suspense of silence is like a sonic rollercoaster. Building up the tension just before plunging into the void. That tiny stillness just before he slaps you around with dense chord progressions and melancholic voice harmonizing. It’s a trip:

2. He’s your favourite artists favourite artist

I sure ain’t the only fanboy/girl. Icons like, Jay-Z, slowthai, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Rosalia and Frank Ocean all lined up to work with him. My personal favorite collab:

3. Those DJ set gems

Before he became a full-blown artist, Blake made his way as a DJ and his sets are just crazy. He easily blends a wide range of music genres and diverse beat structures into one solid mix. This dodgy 2010 Boiler Room classic sums it up perfectly:

I’ve been told that listicles work well in threefold but for James I will sneak in an extra few:

3 b: The alter ego Harmonimix

Please treat yourself and let this list nudge you into the James Blake fanboy/girl direction. See you on the other side.

Cheers, Minggus

"I don’t write, I list."

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