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How your signature becomes a worldwide phenomenon. Shawn Stussy was a local cult surfboard shaper who took his scrawled signature from his surfboards and applied it to t-shirts that he sold around Laguna Beach, California, 1980. As Stüssy’s clothing line expanded, it's raw and modern aesthetic soon developed into the next generation of new wave beach culture. Embedded in the U.S. surf and punk subculture the brand thrived and grew. With Stüssy's success came the opportunity to travel and spread the Stüssy vibe. Stüssy hooked up with trendsetters in New York, London, Tokyo and other areas of the world. Stüssy clothing was inspired by this international group of musicians, skaters, DJs and artists with similar tastes, which helped to shape the brand into an international streetwear label. A true powerhouse standing the test of time. Lots of streetwear labels have come and gone, but for Stüssy there seems there’s no slowing down whatsoever!

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