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Pop Trading Company

Pop Trading Company

POP Trading Company stems from the minds of Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest. Originally distributors for other skate brands, Peter and Ric decided to do it differently. POP has its roots in skateboarding, but is definitely more than that. Where numerous skate brands go graphic heavy, POP Trading Company's emphasis is more on mixing skate-wear and menswear in quality clothing items with a nice feel to it: a more considered skate brand. There's a reason why POP Trading Company is the first skateboarding brand showing at the Paris Fashion Week. As skateboarders, their way is always "passion first". That's why their clothing items feel 'real'. All they really care about is doing stuff properly, pushing their team of riders, going on trips, doing events for the skateboard community: giving back to the community that has shaped their lives.

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