Polar Skate Co.

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The brainchild of veteran skateboarder Pontus Alv, Polar represents a shift in skateboarding towards the independent companies catering a more niche audience. In interviews around the time of the brand’s launch in 2011, Malmö, Pontus Alv stated he wanted to create a brand the scene treated with respect, not just as a commodity. His disappointment with the industry’s status quo translates down to the clothes. Polar Skate Co. manages to articulate skateboarding’s ever present creative energy in playful garments. The art of their team riders is heavily incorporated in their designs and takes inspiration from the riders’ individual styles. Even when it’s not coming directly from the team, Polar relies on a sort of fraternal order of skateboarders for inspiration––an expansive archive of skateboarding’s past, specifically grasping back to the 90s.