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C.P. Company

C.P. Company, a brand we hardly have to introduce. Quintessential Italian sportswear at its finest. You don't name C.P. Company without naming the 'Godfather of urban sportswear': Massimo Osti. He's responsible for two of the (arguably) greatest clothing brands out there: C.P. Company and Stone Island. While high-end Italian labels focussed on the catwalk, Osti and C.P. Company focused on experimentation. Their signature detail is the 'goggle', found on nearly every item. In 1988 C.P. Company was tasked to create a jacket for the famous, famous Mille Miglia car race. Driving goggles were incorporated in the hood of the jacket and the goggle has stuck ever since. The brand is definitely embedded in sports history, as the goggle can be found in every European football stand. And by every we mean every single one.

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